Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights – International Buddhist Ethics Committee


Spiritual Mission

Governing Council

Internal Law and Procedures

Institutional Membership in Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums

Institutional Membership in United Buddhist Nations Organization

Institutional Membership in Restorative Justice International

Membership in Asian Society of International Law

Membership in International Association of Genocide Scholars

Endorsement to the Earth Charter

Institutional Membership in Human Rights Lawyers Association (HRLA)

Membership in Commission on Legal Pluralism

Endorsement to the International Monsanto Tribunal




Universal Declaration of Spiritual Rights

Universal Declaration of Ecological Rights

Universal Declaration on the Right to World Peace

Universal Declaration on the Rights of Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities

Universal Declaration on the Rights of Non-Human Beings

Universal Declaration on the Right to Interspiritual and Interfaith Harmony

Universal Declaration on the Responsability to Save the World

Declaration of Independence of the United Buddhist Nations Organization

Universal Declaration on Buddhism as Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Buddhist Manifesto to the Nations of the World

Buddhist Statement against Terrorism and Religious Manipulation




Dialogue with International Court of Justice

Dialogue with European Court of Human Rights

Dialogue with Norway

Dialogue with France

Dialogue with Spanish Society for International Human Rights Law

Dialogue with Russell Tribunal on Palestine

Dialogue with USA

Dialogue with Bolivia

Dialogue with International Labour Organization

Dialogue with International Red Cross

Dialogue with Mexico

Dialogue with African Court on Human and Peoples Rights

Dialogue with Palestine

Dialogue with Human Rights Watch

Dialogue with Organization of American States

Dialogue with National Institute Against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI)

Dialogue with the Supreme Court of Navajo Nation

Dialogue with the Tibetan Parliament in Exile

Dialogue with the International Criminal Court

Dialogue with the Court of Justice of European Union

Dialogue with Amnesty International

Dialogue with Cherokee Nation Supreme Court

Dialogue with Supreme Court of Justice of Bhutan




Sea Shepherd Conservation Society




Case: Myanmar

Case: ISIS

Case: Surabaya Zoo

Case: Australia

Case: Argentina

Case: Indonesia


Case: Iran

Case: State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee

Case: United Nations (UN)

Case: Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Case: Venezuelan Supreme Tribunal of Justice

Case: Norwegian Nobel Committee


Case: Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Case: National Ecclesiastical Tribunal

Case: Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph




Case: Ashin Wirathu

Case: Dokusho Villalba

Case: Ole Nydahl

Case: Param Anand

Case: Rania Hammoud

Case: UNESCO Association in Malaga

Case: Wix and Weebly

Case: Reki Jaen Association

Case: Ricardo Javier Ocampo

Case: Ronald Lloyd Spencer

Case: Captain Kenny Strauss

Case: Yoga Beer

Case: Ashwaghosh Buddhists Foundation

Case: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Case: World Peace Prize Awarding Council

Case: Ken Wilber

Case: MRW

Case: University of Kelaniya