Defense of Ven. Lama Lobzang


P R E S E N T . –


Case 37/2017


I, as Public Defender, hereby express the Defense regarding the Defendant in this Case regarding the Proofs provided by the Prosecutor’s Office of this Tribunal:


In the first place, and in view of the refusal of the IBC to respond to the request and notification made by Amar Mane on behalf of the TRIBUNAL ON HUMAN RIGHTS, we are in the face of a peculiar case of governmental political and economic influence on an Association that should be non-profit, which implies that Spirituality is set aside as the main objective of the IBC, blurring the vision, criteria and actions carried out in its framework, going so far as to support people, groups or the government itself in situations that are not only contrary to Spirituality and Ethics, but are true and crude attacks against citizens and therefore against Human Rights.


I declare the Accused Party as a social entity that is alienated, influenced and motivated by power and being unable to see reality clearly and responsibly beyond the samsaric veil, ergo, it lacks a real and genuine Buddhist vision and action to guide it in the way, a path that goes hand in hand with the government of that country by conditioning spirit to an order of political interests.



I urge the Accused Party to reconsider its actions by restoring Spirituality and the path to Awakening in its structure.


Sekkha Dhamma

Public Defender.


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