Public Defense of Case Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph

Case No. 34: Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph Cult


I, hereby, as Public Defender of the Tribunal on Human Rights, manifest myself in favor of the aforementioned Accused Party and on the Charges of the Prosecutor’s Office, as follows:

For my part and once the Evidence, to which I do not object, have been analyzed, the following argument should be taken into account:

The Accused Party and its followers, despite the seriousness of their thinking, what they profess according to their belief and conviction, and the penalized attacks perpetrated against the population, are permeated by the Buddhist denomination of ‘ignorance-attachment- aversion, therefore, they are submerged into an abyss without the proper knowledge and true practice of the Dharma, extrapolated by this bizarre view corrupting the thoughts and actions of its followers. We are faced with a belief based on what is wrong, violence, organized crime and destruction, therefore, we cannot speak of the presence of a clear and cultivated mind in its members or representatives of this organization, we cannot speak about Ethics and compassion, all of this being clouded by egocentrism, pettiness, discrimination and craving for power.

In conclusion, I declare that the Accused Party suffers from a case of mental corruption, of deviation and quasi-religious and spiritual manipulation, therefore, a case of Insanity, this without prejudice to the civil, criminal and ethical responsibility to which it is faced.


Sekkha Dhamma

Public Defender



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