Public Defense


P R E S E N T . –

JOSE GABRIEL MERCADO RANGEL Sekkha Dhamma, As a Particular Defender of this Honorable Tribunal, I hereby present the following Legal Defense and the ethical and juridical considerations in favor of the Accused, the NATIONAL ECCLESIASTICAL TRIBUNAL, INTERDIOCESAN TRIBUNAL OF BUENOS AIRES & PRIEST JULIO CESAR GRASSI:

In accordance with the Evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office of this Tribunal against the Party Accused for the Charges of:

  1. a) Violation of the Human Right to Justice,
  2. b) Spiritual Fraud and False Christianity,

I present the following points:

In the first place, we can distinguish the approach of the proofs provided by the Prosecutor that is divided into two parts:

  1. Emphasize the criminal responsibility of the Priest JULIO CESAR GRASSI for the Crimes of Aggravated Sexual Abuse of minors in the Foundation “Felices Los Niños” which was at his charge and directed by him, as well as
  2. To emphasize the criminal responsibility of the Priest JULIO CESAR GRASSI for the Crime of Corruption for diverting funds and donations (with others involved) from the “Felices Los Niños” Foundation to defray personal living expenses such as the rent of a farm house called “La Blanquita” where he lived several years before his imprisonment,

Secondly, and taking into account the actions and motivations of the Priest JULIO CESAR GRASSI with respect to what he has been criminally charged to date, it is certainly not possible to ignore or underestimate psychological, sexual, moral and social damage as immediate consequences of Victims determined in the Trial against him for Aggravated Sexual Abuse of minors, but nevertheless, and with respect to his Responsibility, it cannot be argued or denied what he did – at least what is proven before the Law – as a Crime to the detriment of Victims who were under his care and supervision, but it can be argued in terms of his personal status due to their psychological-sexual profile. The paedophilia is a Paraphilia, derived from this one it is found Pederasty, which is a sexual disorder consisting of an attraction and carnal orientation toward children or underage without distinction of gender in which an individual sexually submits a minor by a matter of power, persuasion or deceit in order to have sex regardless of whether they are consensual or manipulated by using childhood innocence and a position of superiority by age. Although the general legal criterion of Imputability in relation to this pathological behavior typified as Crime is that as a rule every pederast is aware of the act he or she performs and of the impact caused on the Victim, it is undoubtedly, against this, that the sexual drive is inevitable and irrepressible, therefore, for being a behavior that comes from a disorder, the Priest JULIO CESAR GRASSI suffers “Insanity”.

In the third place, those who were also accused in this case, the NATIONAL ECCLESIASTIC TRIBUNAL and INTERDIOCESAN TRIBUNAL OF BUENOS AIRES, without taking this declaration as a justification, the acts of cover-up, protection, religious-administrative inaction to cease the position and religious and Episcopal functions, and the application of justice to the conduct of Priest JULIO CESAR GRASSI in charge of the Argentine Catholic Church suffers “Ethical, Religious and Political Insanity” since centuries ago in the history of Catholicism, that is the reason of the pathological behavior motivated by power, influence and corruption.

Public Defender

October 14, 2017 two thousand seventeen.-

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